DR WTH? | CARD #1 of 999

DR. WTH is a confusing alien sentient being with an unmistakably British accent. Though never spotted in ginger as of yet, this face shifting, space prince is focused on total galactic domination. Often confused with a benevolent hero, this dark alter-ego has no desire for anything except power and control. Watch out or he might crash his ship on you like Dorothy’s house on the wicked witch of the west.

1 of 999 TCG

the Nerdiverse TCG Story

In a parallel universe where all creative sparks create an alter-ego entity, we find the “Nerdals.” These living creatures, fully formed out of the “ideas” of humans come to life. This universe is the stuff of legends. It’s a place where every single imagined created thing of Nerdom instantly exists having been brought to life by the human brain. The very fabric of their DNA is built from creative ideas. “Ideas” are the substance of things dreamed of. They are birthed from the all-mind, which has portals on the various planets of this Ultraverse. Each planet is related to a theme from Nerdom. We can see the similarities to our TV shows, collectibles and Movies. They are only separated by their energy and they battle for their Master-Nerds; you! In this Ultraverse, there is no war or hatred. There is simply battles for supreme dominance. The Supreme Nerds will find themselves in governance and have power to become integrated in the Matrix of Creativity. This elite leadership will define the future of the Nerdiverse as the shared collaborators of this world are you!