The SPARKPLUGZ Token (PLUGZ) is the fuel of the Nerdiverse. It is used to reward the Nerdiest community in Web 3.0, the Ask the Nerd, Nerd Chic & Nerdiverse universe. It is acquired through participating in Nerdiversal gaming, crypto & rewarded to the community for reading, sharing and commenting on our articles.

In the future, the Spark Token will be used to fuel the “SparkChain” Ethereum compatible system. This system is currently live as well as in development. DeFi, Smart Contract technology, gaming, social media and so much more are currently being developed as Dapps for this new blockchain. The Spark Token is it’s fuel.

Crypto Tokens

Crypto tokens, as opposed to “Coins,” are ERC-20 Ethereum tokens based on smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Therefore, they are able to be traded across Defi platforms and used in gaming on Ethereum and Ethereum compatible blockchains.