Privacy Policy

  • Dream Defenders, LLC, also known as Dream Defenders Technology is the sole owner of Ask the Nerd and Nerd Chic properties including the Nerd Chic and Ask the Nerd Mobile apps.
  • The only data collected by our app is usage related data. 
  • All data is collected through direct permission and complies with all international, US, EU & GDPR laws and guidelines.
  • The data is only used privately and internally in order to better develop the app and send marketing for our products.
  • No third parties collect data. We do have connectors to Facebook and others, but they are only links to open pages inside their app and are clearly marked. We do collect data through YouTube API and comply with all Google regulations in the use of that data. 
  • Users have the right and ability to see all data collected on them and no personal data is collected without the clear permission of the user.
  • Upon any changes to the privacy policy, users will be notified through in app alert and notification with their permission to “opt in” or “opt out.”
  • Our application does NOT utilize any of the following functions in the mobile device, therefore avoiding any private date there:
  • NO CALENDAR function.
  • NO CAMERA function.
  • NO CONTACTS function.
  • NO LOCATION function.
  • NO MICROPHONE function.
  • NO PHONE function.
  • NO SENSORS function.
  • NO SMS function.
  • NO STORAGE function.
This policy is dated: 2020-10-27