What if you had an expert guide you, hand in hand to secure your business or train your IT Team in cyber security?

Too many business owners are out there who understand the importance of securing their business, but there's a big problem...

What New or Small Business Can Really Afford a True Cyber Security Audit & How Do they Do it Themselves?

The Problem is...


πŸ‘Ž Often our IT teams are small or non-existent and they do not have real depth in experience or training in cyber security.


❌ They have firewalls, systems and software that should do the job, but how do they know they are even working?


πŸ€” They are using outdated methods or are not making sure things are truly up to date, patched or secure.


πŸ‘‰ They have backups running, but there are no true standards to test them or restore them.


😱 And they have no systems that are structured or processes that are well planned, which leads to massive insecurity in systems, individuals taking risks and exposure to hackers, ransomeware and attack.

But, what business owner or tech team has time to focus on these things daily or even do the learning needed to stay up to date?


Fortunately for you, we have already planned out the better way and take care of all the details for you!


The results don't lie. We have helped hundreds of clients and over 25 mid-tier businesses in major markets in the USA. And we are entirely based in the USA.



ATN's Business Development Courses! In these courses, we cover:


What you need to cover in your business to close the gap on all of the major areas of Cyber Security.


What's included is a 21 Standards for Cyber Security based on more than 15 years in the field. With our best practices and recommendations.


Activities & Resources that you need to take action on immediately for your systems, teams and trainings.


Just in time trainings that are easy and understandable.


Over 25 videos on each security point as well as deep dive videos on "how to's" and more.


Are you ready to jump? Well, don't act just yet! We have more... What if we offered all of this at a ludicrous savings??????


➑️ Accounting Firms

➑️ Financial Firms

➑️ Law Firms

➑️ Medical & Veterinarian

➑️ Real Estate Offices

➑️ Non-Profits

➑️ Government Offices

➑️ & More


Want a Sneak Peek?????


Let us share with you 2 of our videos on YouTube hidden links from the course and an introduction to see for yourself. What's the cost???




We just want you to see what you can expect. If you are interested in learning about Cyber Security to benefit your company or to launch into a career working in the field? You can start here too!

With Our Cyber Security 21 Point Auditor Course, you will find...


πŸ‘ Step by step instruction to cover each major area of vulnerability in your business.

πŸ’― Over 20 videos with even more deep dive videos to help give instruction as you take steps to secure your business!

🀯 Over one hundred resources, articles and tools embedded throughout the takeaways for each of the 21 security areas.

😲 All of the steps you need to cover to resolve any vulnerabilities.

πŸ‘Š Clear explanations as to the "Why's" for each area of vulnerability that must be covered.

πŸ™Œ Simple, clear actions needed to insure the business stays safe for years to come.

πŸ‘‡ Plus these new bonuses!!!

Can you imagine having all of your cyber security and systems as well as protocols and annual testing mapped out for you? How great would that be?


That is what you will have in hand. Go ahead and imagine yourself able to breathe and not feel so fearful of cyber weaknesses and vulnerabilities. While you leave that to us, you are now going to focus on what makes you the most return for you...


You're core business.

Maybe you are ready for something more than just tips and tricks from YouTube videos and LinkedIn Articles?


What's included?

The Cyber Security Auditor course is all of the major areas of security you need to cover for your own internal or external audits. Get all the step by steps knowledge and tools and techniques in a way that is easy to learn and understand.


We make everything easy for you. Why trust people who only know the books and articles online? We have so many years of real hands on experience setting up systems right!


Are You Ready Now?


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How would your online business be different if you could:


Confidently say that your system is safe from attacks through public wifi.


Know exactly what devices are accessing your network, folders and what software are running at all times.


Easily trust that your staff and teammates are doing the right thing with their time on the clock.


You were confident with the level of security and best practices knowledge of your staff and had a method of testing it quarterly.


You knew that your backups and other solutions were configured correctly and were working properly, were tested internally and functioning 100%

Let's Imagine for a Moment two scenarios...


You just had a call from your IT team lead and they said to you, "We have had a breech in the system..."


Let's say in the first scenario, you had no idea whether your backups had run for the last month or even if you had them at all. You didn't have a firewall or you thought you did, only to find it had never been setup. Your system and access policies had never been setup and finally, your virus software and operating systems were never setup or updated and you knew immediately that this virus, trojan and ransomware attack would costs you tens of thousands of dollars.


And in the second scenario, you knew that your backups were running and tested, your updates and patches were automated. Your team was alerted upon first entry and your Zero Day protections kicked in, there was no way anyone could get anything, you were easily able to identify who had been the culprit and even if there was an issue, it would be resolved in no more than a half a day.


Wouldn't it be great to know for sure that you can trust your systems, teams and solutions?

That's what a Cyber Security audit is for. And that is what this course is for. With this course, you can identify opportunities for growth, create policies for ongoing security and just plain sleep well at night knowing the team is trained, the systems are secure and the remediation should there be an issue is minimal!


Why not have it?


We have a have helped so many others get businesses get this kind of peace of mind. Now, let us help you!

You deserve to have the kind of systems, the knowledge in your team and the policies and standards that will allow you to sleep well at night.



The Best Protection is Current Backups, Current Training & Full Configuration & Updates of Systems...


You CAN have it all...

(*All Specials & Discounts from these links will only appear at the final payment screen)



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