Top 9 Affiliates for Tech Bloggers

Alright my friends, I have got some really good stuff for you here. Having spent the better part of the last 15 years as a blogger, I am probably more qualified to share the next tips I am sharing here than anyone. For me, it all started on a platform called, “Xanga.” Back then, I began to look for ways to monetize my writing online. So, having done everything from link sharing to Adsense and Admob, here I am sharing the platforms I like the most for anyone who wants to monetize a blog. Especially, for you guys that are in the tech world. These are in no specific order. However, I will say that I love the first ones the most because they give you a bit more of a return than others.

NUMBER 1  | Amazon Affiliate Links

I have to say this is my all time favorite. And you can probably tell even from this post that it’s the truth. I really like Amazon affiliates, because it allows me to focus on anything I want to, it gives me easy to use links and banners and I have. alot of control over it. It’s just so easy.

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I love Share a Sale. Not only do they have a ton of partners and affiliates you can choose from, they are REALLY EASY TO USE! It took me just a few moments to get them setup and get started and now I have so many partners as well as easy to use links for my site. They have really great terms for payouts. You are going to get much more for your time with this company than you would with Amazon Affiliate Links or Adsense and you don’t have to work hard for the content you will be using.

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NUMBER 3 Partner Stack

Folks, I have to say that this is one of my all-time favorites for a few reasons. Number 1, it is easy to use. Number 2, you really connect with the brands you are representing. I mean, they communicate with you directly through the platform and send messages as well as ways they prefer to be seen. This is really fun since it gives you more of that personal feel. It’s a bit tougher to get around as far as inside the site, itself, but for me, that is totally worth it. The payouts will be better than Amazon or Google. And they are definitely awesome to work with.

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NUMBER 4 Of Course, it’s Google Adsense

You all knew that I couldn’t go too far down this list without talking about the biggest powerhouse in online advertising and monetization. Google has cornered the market on this and that’s why they are often in the view of leaders. So, Google Adsense is the EASIEST way to make money from your blog. If you have a WordPress site, they have the ability through the Sitekit plugin to do all the hard work for you with adding Adsense Ads to your site. So, go ahead and sign up for them. They have been paying me the most of everything I use for years now. Always grateful for Adsense.

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NUMBER 5 Impact Media Partners

These guys allow you to really connect with the biggest brands in more of an influencer way. So, if you are willing and able, these guys are going to be one that you want to use to take you to the next level of online affiliate marketing.

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NUMBER 6 CJ Affiliates

These guys are a long term standard in the affiliate marketing world. Folks, they have paid me for years and I have to put them on here only because they have earned it by being around for so long. Formerly known as Commission Junction, “CJ,” has made it easy to get affiliates, links and get paid.

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NUMBER 7 Rakutan Marketing 

Another long term affiliate marketing platform that has paid me in the past is Rakutan. They used to be known as “LinkShare,” and you can still see they have that name tied into their current version. These guys have been a long time standard for affiliate marketers and I could not complete this list without including them.

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A growing powerhouse for affiliates and partnership in monetizing your blog is Awin. They are lean, clean and a machine. This list is coming to a close and I could not complete it without adding these guys.

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NUMBER 9 ClickBank

Let’s talk about one more for this article. ClickBank is the last one I want to recommend here. It is last on my list because it isn’t my favorite, but it is a great one to look at.

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