Crypto Currency Mining & Trading Tools

Here are the tools we use for Mining Crypto Currencies! Click the links and join the adventure!

Mining Monero and others with a GPU: (One of the easiest miners out there)

Minergate is the easiest CPU miner:

Coinbase is our favorite Platform for purchasing Bitcoin, ETH and altcoins:

If you use the link here, you will get $10 BitCoin for FREE!!!!

Shapeshift is our favorite platform we use to trade altcoins for other altcoins. It is the only way we know how to get Dogecoin from other altcoins converted easily:

And Binance has an incredible offer with a code right here: Referral ID (United States ONLY)

New users can use our referral ID when signing up for $15 dollars (after trading over $100 worth of cryptocurrency) and 30 days of zero-fee trading! Use the link:

Binance.US Referral ID
52492433 Sign-up BonusGet $15 on sign-up when you trade over $100 in cryptocurrency. Also get 30 days with zero trading fees!
Last VerifiedJanuary 2021

Ever wanted to make Crypto while you browse the web? Check out this Crypto Tab Browser here:

More to come!!!!