Bitcoin for Beginners | Bitcoin Investment University

Bitcoin University Wow! This is a good chance to go to school a bit and grow your basic understanding of Bitcoin. There is so much more, but this is a goo beginning. When I first came across all these resources, I had no idea how helpful they would end up being for me. So, I am now sharing them here. This is a decent place to start if you are trying to find out all about Bitcoin for beginners. If you have questions or want to chat with the community, head over to our Discord channel here:

Long term price charts are the place to start:

If anyone wants a 17 minute crash course on Bitcoin economics than these 2 articles are excellent-

If you have a few more minutes read these 3 articles :

For the ten-thousand foot view of where Bitcoin fits into the history of money, check out this article series:


If you are ready to go down the rabbit hole of knowledge Learn more here –

Any questions just ask in the Discord channel above!