How to Dogecoin

Before you even think about buying or investing in this Crypto, please know that it was originally created as a stunt. So, this has been a crypto that has gained a cult following, but it isn’t stable or necessarily trustworthy. So, in no way are we suggesting that anyone invest in this. Although, we do invest in it for more than just fun!

Where to store your Dogecoins

Before we begin with the explanation of how to purchase Dogecoins, we should know where we can store our acquired coins.

It is, by all means, always highly advised to use the Dogecoin Core Wallet:

– [Dogecoin Core 64-bit Windows](

– [Dogecoin Core 32-bit Windows](

– [Dogecoin Core Mac OSX](

– [Dogecoin Core Linux 64-bit](

– [Dogecoin Core Linux 32-bit](

Once downloaded and executed, please let it fully synchronize. If not fully synchronized, e.g. the balance of an address can be incorrect.

If you may find the disk space required for the core wallet is too big, you can also download the ‘lightweight’ [Multidoge wallet](

Further down the line, for the real HODLERS, you can also make usage of a paperwallet. E.g. from [](

**Please note [1]: Do NOT share your private key with anyone under any circumstances. Your private key is your coins. By losing access to your private key, you will lose access to your coins.**

The usage of mobile wallets differs in my opinion. The only things I could say regarding mobile wallets is to firstly, not use a mobile wallet which does not grant you access to your private keys. Please check Note 1 above. Secondly, I highly discourage users to use their mobile wallets to store high sums of Dogecoin. Please do not do this. If you are going to HODL a large amount of Dogecoins, perhaps consider a paperwallet.

For Android users, you are in luck! You can make usage of the [Dogecoin Android mobile wallet](

For iOS users, I am sorry to mention that there is not an official wallet for iOS to use.

How to buy Dogecoin

Before we start, all the services listed below are third parties and are in no way associated with the Dogecoin Dev team (neither am I). As a side note, the Dogecoin ticker is mostly DOGE or XDG.

**Please note [2]: These are a couple of the ones to my knowledge. I can not assure the actions of any exchange-listed below, only can say they are relatively reputated and are just suggestions. There could perhaps be an exchange you know that I am unaware of, feel free to comment it and I’ll add it!**

Purchasing Dogecoin with fiat in the Europian Union:

– [Litebit]( (minimum 10 Euro)

– [Anycoindirect]( (minimum 10 Euro)

– [Bitladon](

– [Belgacoin](

Purchasing Dogecoin with fiat in the United States:

– [Kraken](^1

– [Coinbase](^1/2

– [Bittrex](^1

**Please note [3]: I highly discourage any user to hold their coins on an exchange. Once you have bought your coins, I highly suggest you withdraw these to your personal wallet were you have the private key in possession.**

1: This exchange requires KYC with ID

2: For Coinbase, it’s a little bit different. Due to Coinbase not having a USD/DOGE pair, you can buy Litecoin on Coinbase and convert this to Dogecoins via [](^1.

Enjoy! You have successfully bought yourself some wonderful Dogecoins! Such wow, much moon!