Welcome to the Nerdiverse

Enter the Nerdiverse, a original artwork mashup ERC-1155 NFT TCG collectors card collection. Each work differs in rarity and value. All 999 cards are limited editions with some ultrarare and released over the next 3 years. Our ERC-1155 Token Symbol for the Collection is: “TNT” which stands for “The Nerdiverse TCG.” You better hurry if you want to collect them all. They are very short run! www.thenerdiverse.org

FIND THE COLLECTION HERE: https://rarible.com/thenerdiverse

The Back Story

In a parallel universe where all creative sparks create an alter-ego entity, we find the “Nerdals.” These living creatures, fully formed out of the “ideas” of humans come to life. This universe is the stuff of legends. It’s a place where every single imagined created thing of Nerdom instantly exists having been brought to life by the human brain. The very fabric of their DNA is built from creative ideas. “Ideas” are the substance of things dreamed of. They are birthed from the all-mind, which has portals on the various planets of this Ultraverse. Each planet is related to a theme from Nerdom. We can see the similarities to our TV shows, collectibles and Movies. They are only separated by their energy and they battle for their Master-Nerds; you! In this Ultraverse, there is no war or hatred. There is simply battles for supreme dominance. The Supreme Nerds will find themselves in governance and have power to become integrated in the Matrix of Creativity. This elite leadership will define the future of the Nerdiverse as the shared collaborators of this world are you!

TNT NFT Gallery


Collectible in Your ETH enabled Wallet

All TNT TCG cards are able to be held in your Ethereum wallet. Using Opensea.io, Rarible.com or another NFT gallery platform, you are able to purchase these cards and they will be saved to your wallet that is connected to your account!

Tradeable & Auctionable

You are able to trade and auction your collection at any time. A small amount of the sale goes to pay fees and an honorarium to the original artist. However, you own the actual rights and permissions entirely to this work of art.

Original & RARE!!!!!

Each original composition is a mashup of art and design. Due to the fact that these items are created in short run sets or groups, they are super rare. There is only ever one first edition and a limited number of the cards that exist in groups of 999, 99, 39 or even 1!!!!! So, get them while you can and don’t miss out. These cards are rare!

We honor all the Epic Creative Nerds that this collection represents.
Dustin Hedrick
Artist & Lead Designer